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TransfInnovation IoT is Software and Hardware agnostic.  What does that mean for you?  The client gets what is best in class and optimized to fit their system and process.  We will collaborate with other design and engineering firms, consultants, sensor hardware firms, IoT software platform, Big Data Analytics platforms, device and system manufacturers to bring the best in class solution for the client.  Our goal is to provide the best experience to the client in their digital transformation and for this we are open to joining forces and bringing the best talent to the project.


Engineering & Design Firms

We realize many clients have their own client side Engineering or Design firm that they keep on retainer or employ.  We will collaborate with your chosen firm to explain, discuss, recommend, design, approve, project manage and implement the system that is right for you.  For TransfInnovation IoT, it is about making your digital transformation as smooth and comfortable as possible.



Device & System Manufacturers
Finding the optimal way to collect the relevant data from your OT requires expertise in determining the ideal location for the sensors on non-smart systems and also retrieving data from existing smart devices that may have proprietary protocols that have to be translated and decoded for proper use.  We pride ourselves on our experience to work closely with device manufacturers to consult with on their devices and systems in your process to find the optimal sensors and sensor locations.



Sensor Hardware Firms
To collect the data from the client OT system will require various types of sensors and some that may need to be developed to better fit the application.  We have relationships with a wide array of sensor manufacturers, as well as, the ability, in-house, with experienced engineers and designers to develop sensors that will be apt for your system and manufactured in record time.  


IoT Software Platform

The data storage platform (Cloud-based, on local Server or mixed) can be based on a software like Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, c3IoT or similar ones (TransfInnovation IoT will recommend the best suited platform), collects the data from the client OT. This data has structured data from the existing databases and non-structured data from the sensors, log files, and SMS messages.  We will analyze the data, the process, decision-making speeds required for your process and make the most informed decision on a platform that will provide 'future proofing' for you.

Data Analytics Software

The collected data from the client OT is analyzed by the analytics software and the other high-level factory applications which run on the data storage platform (Cloud-based) and can also be distributed to more localized points on the network to make faster decisions, as needed for your process or system.  The software for Data Analytics varies according to the type of data and decision making requirements.  We will configure the data analytics software to provide you with the best decision making capability and dashboards that are custom tailored to address the user needs.  We can choose from an array of Data Analytics software platforms or custom configure a software solution, but the analytics algorithms are always custom made by our advanced data analytics team based on the years of experience in creating predictive analysis solutions.



Consulting Firms

Based on the scale and size of a customer, as well as, the speed in which the client wants to accomplish a project, it may be required to collaborate with a large Consulting Firm to provide other enterprise level features and functionalities.  At TransfInnovation IoT, we are focused on the solution and timelines critical to you and so we will collaborate and assemble the right team to execute your IoT solution.  We also work with many of the 'Big 5' consulting firms to custom tailor solutions for them and so we keep these relationships strong in order to be able to provide you with the most advantageous result.


Latest Technology

At TransfInnovation IoT, we are continually working on and with newer technology to bring an even more comprehensive digital solution for you.  This begins with us working with any firm, large or small, that has an idea, patent or prototype of technology that can enhance IoT.  For us this is not just about hardware and software, but more about focusing on AI (Artificial Intelligence), VR (Virtual Reality), AR (Augmented Reality), and any other emerging technologies that will change the digital experience.  We have an in-house R&D team that is also focused on newer technology and hardware and software solutions.  This relentless drive to improve and always stay ahead of the curve makes us your ideal IoT partner.

We provide SaaS, PaaS, or customized, securely isolated software and platform solutions.  You can be assured that you will receive the latest technology available for your IoT ecosystem and we will assure that we provide 'future proofing' of your IoT ecosystem.  

For us, it is all about your Digital Transformation and Innovation.  

We are TransInnovation IoT.

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