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IoT (Internet of Things) is a very broad, but the natural evolutionary step in the  technological infusion in almost everything we do. It comprises of the acquisition of data, its aggregation, secure transmitting to Cloud-based servers, data mining, data analytics and visualization to create new business intelligence and better business decisions.  It will be as much a part of every home, as it will be in every business and everywhere in between.  So it is essential for every business to look into how they will transform their business environment into an innovative IoT Ecosystem.

TransfInnovation IoT has been formed to help our clients make this business transformation and innovation to an IoT ecosystem with ease and certainty.


Essential to this IoT transformation is IT (Information Technology) and OT (Operational Technology) .  IT because deep and broad knowledge on how to collect, store, securely process, analyze and deliver relevant information, to help the client make better decision is essential.  OT because Operational Technology knowledge including critical processes,  services, machinery, devices, sensor selection, optimal sensor location are all needed to help the client make the transition to the right IoT ecosystem.


TransfInnovation IoT has been formed from the acquisition of two innovative companies that have been trailblazers in the IoT sector.  By combining decades of experience of IT and industry OT, we are able to deliver your IoT ecosystem efficiently and optimally.

We are hardware and software agnostic, but with comprehensive experience and knowledge in a wide range of platforms, as well as, large and custom systems to fit the need you have.  Our engineers have developed proprietary IP, sensors, Apps and Analytics to be able to deliver the solution that is optimal for your OT.  We also have an R&D team that has been credited with dozens of patents and are developing newer solutions continually to solve the most pressing IoT sensor, hardware and software, security and technology issues.

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